Program Consultation

School wide systems
● Concussion Management for return to school
● Academic
● Special Education
● Social-emotional programming (e.g. character education)
● Universal Screening procedures
● Discipline

Systems for At-Risk Students
● Pre-referral Programming
● Skill Building Independence
● Behavior Support Planning

Trainings and Seminars:

● Brain Behavior Bridge Model: Bridging the gap between brain and behavior sciences
● “We can do that!”: Managing different abilities and disabilities in the least restrictive environment
● Concussion Management for Return to School
● School-wide programming for managing concussions
● CST & I&RS teams: collaboration and data based decision making
● RTI – application and school-wide programming
● Executive Functions Intervention
● Applied Behavior Analysis
● Positive Behaviors Supports
● Functional Behavior Assessments – A How to Guide for Child Study Teams
● Social-Emotional Learning in the classroom
● Diversity in Learning: Strength based programming for students with disabilities
● Brain Based Learning
● Student Growth Objectives: Identification, Development, and Tracking
● Non-Academic Learning: Boosting Self-directed Learning Skills
● Autism Spectrum Disorder: Changes, Differential Diagnosis & Implications for Intervention
● Neurodevelopmental Disorders – Identification, Management, and Interventions
● Other: Requested Topics

Individual Consultation
● Neuropsychological Assessment
● Due Process cases
● Individual Student Program Design